Dr Mustafa Moazam

About Dr Mustafa Moazam

Dr. Mustafa Moazam, MD is an internal medicine specialist in Texas and Colorado and has been practicing for over 10 years. He currently practices at Healthy Horizons Clinic and is affiliated with The Hospitals of Providence - East Campus. He also speaks fluent Spanish and Hindi. He has been the part of many clinical trials related to Genetics, Hematology and Oncology

I finished my residency in Oklahoma, USA. I chose El paso since it had lot of rural population and I felt like home when I moved to El paso first time. I quickly got involved in the community and culture of El paso and have contributed to many charitable organizations. I love to spend my time with my family and playing games like golf and tennis. In our office we perform wide range of procedures including vision check, ear cleaning, EKG and more. I have had specialization in Internal medicine and Pediatrics with sub specialization in Hematology and Oncology. However, most of my patients come to my office for Primary care. At healthy horizons clinic we use genetic testing to apply precision medicine not just giving medicine for trying but we know for sure that it will work based on your genes. Establishing this clinic which gives our patients the most complete care which is missing from most of the private practice is my biggest achievement in the life which I am really proud of. My patients come not only from El paso but also the adjacent cities like Las’s cruces, Alamogordo, Socorro and more.

The real differentiating factor for my practice comes from the ability to provide the personalized medicine by performing the complete body checkup and not just focusing on one problem. We use latest cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest quality in healthcare and our office has highly trained staff who do genetic testing to determine the drugs that suit your genes so that we know precisely which medicine works best for your body. I try to pay highest attention to details so that I should not miss any insights about patients’ conditions. We do Immigration Physicals, DOT testing and opiate detoxification but only on cash basis. Call our office for more details

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