I love Dr moazum! He has turned my health and life around completely and I do nothing but recommend him and appreciate him completely! If all doctors were as genuine as he is with his patients they would have loyal happy patients that like I travel to see him no matter distance or time! He is amazing!

Sheena Locklear

Wow this reviews have surprised because I had a great experience. When I moved here I got a recommendation to go there and loved how I got an all rounded treatment and advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. It was great. Definitely my hospital even though the wait time was long.

Sandra Jamuga

Good over all clinic in horizon Tx had issues with paperwork being faxed but was resolved by one of the employees in Colorado by the name of Shelby. She stayed on phone with me till issues were resolved! Thanks for all the help!

Charles Howard

I agree with some of the others the wait time is long and sometimes east side staff not friendly as northeast but he is the only doctor that i have seen takes your concern to serious and spends a lot of time to cure it or to find a solution. I went my self first and now whole family switched to him as a primary doctor. He tries his best and i really appreciate dr Moazam. Great doctor and great guy. He is a genius doctor.

Anna Rahymov

Dr Moazam is one the best doctor i met in El Paso.Wait time is long but it is worth.Before this clinic we went Ucare and private ENT clinic paid a lot of money .Private doctor ask us to do labs that would cost more than $10000 .When i get those test and lab work i do not need doctor to know what is wrong but i can also understand.And he even did not say what is wrong ,just said go and do these lab work.Then by suggestions we went to Horizon clinic. Dr Mozzam is very helpfull and talks about all details.I strongly suggest him.

Ethem Yuksel

I am always pleased and grateful for all the time and care that Dr. Moazam and his staff take when it comes to my health. From the time you enter his office, to contacting his answering service after hours. Thank you Ali Ismail for being so professional and setting the same expectations each and every time. I just wanted to let you know I’m grateful and feeling very comfortable knowing Ali is going above and beyond. Loyalty is key when it comes to my health, so thank you Dr Moazam.